Working with Unique Event Management

Commercial Shoot

A couple of weeks ago, this Atlanta wedding photographer had the opportunity of meeting Roy Arriaga from Unique Event Management in Atlanta. Roy provides many products such as event lighting, custom monograms, wireless LED and conventional light fixtures, textured/pattern lighting and so much more. And that’s just lighting, Roy also offers event drapery in many colors and textures. Now Roy is looking to offer more to his clients and has included event decor, crystal beaded columns, spiral crystal chandeliers, modular backdrops, themed backdrops, mirrored acrylic pedestals, tabletops, highboys, and acrylic tables and chairs. His business is based on high quality materials and outstanding customer service. If you’re in the market for event lighting, drapes or decor, go by and meet Roy.

So back to why am I talking about Roy. I received a call from his assistant asking if I would be interested in shooting new products for his marketing materials which includes his website, Facebook page, and vehicle wraps as well as publication submissions. I was so pleased for her call and the offer that I immediately said “heck yeah!” We scheduled a phone call with Roy later that week where we had a brainstorming session for a Summer 2012 campaign concept. Did I tell you how excited I was? Looking forward to collaborating again in the future. Here’s a quick preview from that session.


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