Hiawassee River Retreat, GA Wedding | Zach and Kerri

July 5, 2016 1 Weddings

A Victorian Steampunk Wedding

According to Urban Dictionary, steampunk is a subgenre of speculative fiction, usually set in an anachronistic Victorian or quasi-Victorian alternate history setting. It could be described by the slogan “What the past would look like if the future had happened sooner.” The term denotes works set in an era or world where STEAM POWER is still widely used—usually the 19th century, and often set in Victorian era England—but with prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy, such as fictional technological inventions like those found in the works of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne.

Kerri and Zach’s steampunk inspired wedding was nothing short of fantastic, capturing the essence of Victorian world through wheels, watches, leather, buckles, and shades of copper, all of them combined following no other criteria than imagination without boundaries, shaping a different kind of aestheticism, focused on the beauty of the mechanics. From the bride’s bouquet to the groom’s boutonniere and from the centerpieces characterized with props of masks, goggles and cogwheels to the custom made three-wheeler with sidecar fit for the bride as their get-away transportation. All this with the north Georgia mountains as their backdrop. This entire DIY wedding was only made possible with the help of friends and family.

Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 1

A little help from her four-legged friend. As Kerri decided to write down her vows, her trusted companion provided the support she needed. She is so adorable.Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 3 Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 4

Kerri’s bridal attire didn’t disappoint either. Her bridal gown by Anya Bridal was Victorian inspired with off shoulder drape sleeves that made her look ethereal.Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 5 Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 6 Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 7.1

Zach wore a custom-made, maroon plaid Victorian suit with along with ascot, vest and tails from Trio Custom Clothiers in Atlanta that showcased a pocket watch which is a family heirloom.
Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 7 Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 8 Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 9 Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 10 Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 11 Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 12

Pre-wedding fun with the boys.Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 13 Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 15

Ceremony Location

The Hiawassee River Retreat is set on 16 acres along side the rushing Hiawassee River and centrally located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 16.1 Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 16 Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 17 Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 18 Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 19Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 20 Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 22 Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 23 Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 24 Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 25 Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 26 Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 27 Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 28 Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 29 Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 30 Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 32 Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 33 Retreat-at-Hiawassee-river-wedding-Viridian-Images-Photography 34

For more images, take a look at the video slideshow highlighting more from this Victorian Steampunk wedding.


Wedding Ceremony/Reception: Retreat at Hiawassee River
Wedding Planner: Crystal Contreras
Caterer: The Sawmill Place
Hair: Tiffany Jackson
Bride’s Dress:  Anya Bridal
Bridesmaid Dress: Various
Groom suit: Trio Custom Clothiers
Groomsmen attire: Savvi Formalwear
Florist: Kennesaw Florist & Cookies
Cake Artist: Nothing Bundt Cakes

Douglasville Conference Center, GA Wedding Photographer | John and Nicole

July 3, 2016 0 Weddings

Love is when you come across one person in your life whom you just can’t let go. Your life just can’t continue without them. That’s how Nicole felt when meeting John through a mutual friend four and a half years ago. And what a coincidence, she happens to be their wedding planner. Do I see you adding matchmaker as a career for you Linnie?

The Dress

Nicole always thought she wanted a laced dress. It was on her mind from the beginning as she went dress shopping. But at the door of New Natalie’s Bridal stood an Essence of Australia dress she thought was beautiful but dismissed it given the fact it wasn’t lace. She tried on numerous dresses but nothing was “the one”. Her eyes kept rolling back to the dress on the mannequin and asked about that one. She decided to put it on. To her surprise, it fit like a glove. The bridal consultant and associates dolled her up with a veil and accessories and she started to cry. She finally found her dress!

Douglasville-Wedding-John-Nicole-Viridian-Images-photo-1 Douglasville-Wedding-John-Nicole-Viridian-Images-photo-2 Douglasville-Wedding-John-Nicole-Viridian-Images-photo-3

How he popped the question.

It’s about time, according to some. How John popped the question was actually a funny story as Nicole recalls. It was during the holidays. The ring was actually at the top of the Christmas tree branch for about three weeks and she never noticed. She was only looking underneath the dress. She noticed none of the gifts had her name on it. Come Christmas morning, John handed her a card. At that point she was thinking they must have won the lottery. She read it and nothing. He made her read it again slowly. As she finished reading it slowly, she looked up and he was on one knee!

Douglasville-Wedding-John-Nicole-Viridian-Images-photo-4 Douglasville-Wedding-John-Nicole-Viridian-Images-photo-5 Douglasville-Wedding-John-Nicole-Viridian-Images-photo-6

John and his boys were dressed in tuxedos from Men’s Warehouse.Douglasville-Wedding-John-Nicole-Viridian-Images-photo-7

Nicole was such a beautiful bride. She was enjoying every minute of this day. She deserved it. She has such a sweet soul. Definitely beautiful inside and out.Douglasville-Wedding-John-Nicole-Viridian-Images-photo-8 Douglasville-Wedding-John-Nicole-Viridian-Images-photo-9

Look at Nicole’s mom. A lovely, lovely lady. I see where Nicole gets her beauty from. Douglasville-Wedding-John-Nicole-Viridian-Images-photo-10 Douglasville-Wedding-John-Nicole-Viridian-Images-photo-11 Douglasville-Wedding-John-Nicole-Viridian-Images-photo-12 Douglasville-Wedding-John-Nicole-Viridian-Images-photo-13 Douglasville-Wedding-John-Nicole-Viridian-Images-photo-15 Douglasville-Wedding-John-Nicole-Viridian-Images-photo-16 Douglasville-Wedding-John-Nicole-Viridian-Images-photo-17 Douglasville-Wedding-John-Nicole-Viridian-Images-photo-18 Douglasville-Wedding-John-Nicole-Viridian-Images-photo-19 Douglasville-Wedding-John-Nicole-Viridian-Images-photo-20 Douglasville-Wedding-John-Nicole-Viridian-Images-photo-23 Douglasville-Wedding-John-Nicole-Viridian-Images-photo-24

The happy couple dances to I found love by Bebe Winans.Douglasville-Wedding-John-Nicole-Viridian-Images-photo-25

DJ Battle had the crowd on their feet. Douglasville-Wedding-John-Nicole-Viridian-Images-photo-26 Douglasville-Wedding-John-Nicole-Viridian-Images-photo-27

Wedding Ceremony/Reception: Douglasville Conference Center
Wedding Planner: Linnie Patterson
Caterer: Proof of the Pudding
Make-up Artist: Shalawn Willis / Your Beauty Architect
Hair: Keisha Alphabet / Salon Envy
Bride’s Dress: Essence of Australia / New Natalie’s Bridal
Bridesmaid Dress: David’s Bridal
Groom and Groomsmen attire: Men’s Warehouse
Florist: La Petite Fleur
Cake Artist: Cakes by LaMeeka
DJ: Mark Adams / One Sound and Entertainment
Live Music: Luther Washington – Pianist
Live Music: Erin Webb – Harpist / Celestial Sounds Music
Videographer: Bernard McRae / Focus on Video

Iain + Katja | Lake Lanier Islands Wedding

April 21, 2015 0 Weddings

Simply fun! In our opinion there is no other way to describe Iain and Katja. Among so many other wonderful qualities, their sense of humor is infectious and unique. Such a quality is so valuable on a day when the skies insisted on dropping uncontrollable amounts of rain on one of the prettiest outdoor venues in Georgia; the Pineisle Center at Lake Lanier. Just imagine, a beautiful hilltop view to the lake and it was impossible to use. Nonetheless to look at this couple as they navigated their way through the day; you almost couldn’t tell we were inside. They always roll with the punches using laughter to place everyone else at ease. This is something we quickly noticed back in April when we first met Katja and then again when we shot their engagement session in July with similar circumstances. On this day their wedding had an infusion of sentimental keepsakes passed on from previous generations and handmade decorations layered in subtle purple and gray accents providing an elegant and personal touch. Friends and family from as far away as the UK and Asia made the day even better. It was truly a pleasure to photograph this wedding and work with such wonderful people. Thanks Iain and Katja for allowing us to share the most important day of your lives.


Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.1.1 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.1 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.2 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.3 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.4 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.5 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.6 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.7 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.8 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.9 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.10 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.11 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.12 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.13 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.14 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.15 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.16 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.17 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.18 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.19 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.20 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.21 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.22 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.23 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.24 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.25 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.26 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.27 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.28 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.29 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.30 Lake_Lanier_Wedding_Viridian_Images_Photography_Madsen_photo.31


Wedding Coordinator: Kate Wisenbaker
Ceremony/Reception Location: Lake Lanier Island – PineIsle Center
Make-up/Hair Artist: Tambrin Craig / Tambrin Rose Hair Design and Weddings
Bride’s Dress: Mori Lee Bridal from Bride Beautiful
Bridesmaid Dress: Bride Beautiful
Groom and Groomsmen attire: Brooks Brother, Nordstrom
Florist: Bride
Cake Artist: Henri’s Bakery
DJ: Tod Peavy / Tod Peavy Entertainment


Charles + Betsy | Winder, GA Wedding

June 5, 2014 1 Weddings

A few weeks ago we photographed the wedding of Charles (Chuck) and Betsy. I met Betsy over coffee at Starbucks to talk about her wedding and how we could capture it for her. I was referred to her by a mutual friend and from the moment I met her I knew we had to work together. She is the sweetest, most kind young lady I’ve met. Hearing her describe in detail a recent trip to Japan demonstrates how she enjoys experiencing other cultures. That fascinated me. So young and so adventurous!

She also talked extensively about her fiance and how they met. At first they were just friends but in time that friendship very quickly blossomed into a beautiful relationship. Now you can just see his eyes light up whenever she arrives.

All throughout they day of the wedding the emotions flowed, from the moment her father first saw his little girl in her dress, to the moment when the couple exchanged vows. It’s really beautiful to see how this wedding came together with the help of family and friends. That’s why I love weddings. I get a front row seat to every story and those moments live forever in photographs. It’s actually quite special.

Congratulations Chuck and Betsy. It was a pleasure to work with you and your special day.


Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-1Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-2 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-3 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-4 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-5 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-6 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-7 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-8 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-9 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-10 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-11 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-12 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-13 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-14 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-15 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-16 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-17 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-18 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-19 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-20 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-21 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-22 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-23 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-24 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-25 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-26 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-27 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-28 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-29 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-30 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-32 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-33 Priest Wedding_Winder Georgia_JW wedding-34

Venue – Winder Community Center

DJ – Exclusive DJ Group – Danny Campos

MUA – Lupita Palma

Hair – Evelyn

Wedding Dress – David’s Bridal

Bridesmaid Dress – David’s Bridal





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Ryan + Siera | Negril Wedding

June 3, 2014 1 Weddings

Every wedding has its own inherent beauty, regardless of its setting. However there is something extra special about a beach wedding. The ocean breeze, the relaxed carefree atmosphere and of course, the sand in your feet. Negril, Jamaica served as the perfect spot for Ryan & Siera’s beautiful wedding. Believe it or not, we first met this super couple last year over a Skype call. They call San Diego home so they knew they wanted to import their photography from the states. So they began their search all the way from California. As it turns out, they came across our website and two calls later we were planning for their wedding!

Ryan, a former Georgetown Hoya basketball player met Siera in Washington D.C. shortly after she moved there in 2007 following her graduation from Cornell and a new job opportunity. They met through some friends and the rest is history. They kept a strong relationship as they both pursued MBA’s ultimately settling in San Diego as they planned for their big day. Ryan is as smooth as silk in his demeanor and one of the easiest people to get along with. Siera is a beautiful, loving spark plug of energy. It’s no wonder Ryan fell head over heels for her. Something incredibly unique about their wedding comes from their decision to not have a bridal party. Instead, Siera requested that each of her closest friends gift her a bracelet that met something special to them and that defined their relationship with her. She then wore every one of the bracelets at her wedding, as all her friends stood in attendance. No favorites, just every special person accounted for on her wrists. We had never seen something so cool before! Going back to our initial Skype call, when we first met them, we had no idea of little details like this. Heck we just met them over an Internet phone call! Still, I remember that as soon as we hung up the phone we said to each other “These are the type of people we want to work with”. Sure enough, this turned out to be one of the best wedding experiences we’ve had the chance to document. Over this wedding weekend we came away with many images. What follows are the photographs for the primary portions of the wedding. Please stay tuned for a second blog post where we will share many of the behind the scenes events before the wedding including a beautiful catamaran cruise on the ocean. Many thanks to Gail and the entire team at the Negril Treehouse Resort. They handled everything from start to finish and there is no better way to spend a beach vacation, than in a warm and charming resort like this.

Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-2 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-13 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-14 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-15 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-16 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-17 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-23 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-24 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-25 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-26.2 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-26.3 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-26.4 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-26.5 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-26 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-27.2 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-27 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-28 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-29.2 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-29 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-30.2 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-30.3 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-30 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-31 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-32 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-33 Treehouse Negril Wedding_Viridian Images-34

Take a look at the video slideshow with more from this incredible destination wedding weekend.

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Matt + Bridget | Barnsley Gardens Wedding

July 2, 2013 2 Weddings

Few venues in the south are as unique as Barnsley Gardens. The golf resort on the grounds of a historic former plantation in Adairsville was the setting for Matt and Bridget’s summer wedding. Barnsley’s beautiful

Ramón + Escarlett | Carrollton Wedding

April 30, 2013 1 Weddings

What a wonderful wedding Ramón and Escarlett Melissa had a few weeks back. Although it rained all day, it didn’t dampen their spirits,

Matt + Bridget | Barnsley Gardens Atlanta Wedding

September 13, 2012 0 Weddings

Barnsley Gardens was the setting for Matt and Bridget’s wedding. It’s what remains of a historic southern plantation lying on the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The wedding was fantastic and everyone was having a grand time. Below are select moments from their day with a video slideshow at the end.

To see more of Matt and Bridget’s Barnsley Gardens wedding, take a look at the video slideshow.

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