My Latest Works

Minimalism meets photography

artistic portrait couple hugging custom tuxedo fuchsia pink gown
Atlanta Commerce Club Engagement
editorial portrait on spiral staircase inside atlanta building
Atlanta Engagement
couple lying on ground under palm fronds staring at camera
Miami Engagement
couple hugging and laughing sitting on graffiti under overpass in atlanta beltline
Atlanta Engagement
creative portraiture silhouette purple and green tennis court bleachers
Decatur Engagement
couple looking off distance at sunset top of mountain storm clouds
Arabia Mountain Engagement
couple hugging mountain top with sun piercing through storm clouds red flower diamorpha blooming
Arabia Mountain Engagement
man running to girl along beach in miami during sunset clouds city
Miami Engagement
couple tickling front of koi mural along atlanta beltline
Atlanta Beltline Engagement
couple and dog silhouette against sunset at lake
Lake Lanier Engagement

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